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iPhone the label killer

iPhoneI'm sick of the music industry. The albums I purchased recently on CD had copy protection, which did not allow me to rip them to iTunes. iTMS is still not available in many countries because labels are reluctant to give a go ahead for Apple. There is no viable solution to purchase music that is playable on modern music listening devices such as my iPod, MP3 car stereo or even iTunes on my Macs.

Those of you who have iTunes Music Store available in your country consider yourself lucky. But even the iTMS is not perfect. You won't find many smaller bands on iTMS yet.

I was a big spender on music CDs before, but I stopped because of the copy protection. I'm frustrated and desperately looking for a solution and it looks like there is hope.

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Hold your gifs sir!

I'm so annoyed with flashing animated gif ads. I developed a habit of clicking and holding on the browser's scrollbar to be able to read without disturbance. This stops all the animations apparently.

How do you deal with this issue?

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Have your cake and eat it

Here are 23 quick tips on how to survive in an agency without actually doing much work.


1. When surfing your favorite blogs, always have a work document open in the background and keep your thumb on the Command (or CTRL on Windblows) and your pinky over the TAB keys.

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Adventure for the weekend

AGON is a a beautifully crafted shareware adventure game that has just been released for the Mac platform with with great sound and involving storyline.

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Sympathy and condolences

The world's fifth strongest quake in a century hit southern Asia yesterday. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

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Humor is your savior

clientocopiaSometimes our job in advertising and design is really tough. Apparently advertising is the second most stressful profession, right after stock broker. On top of that there is a strong culture for poking each other. Creative poke client servicing, client servicing pokes creative. Clients poke everybody. Let's take a look at the bright side. If you have the "right" attitude this job can be fun.

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Cool stock market game for the weekend

Growing stock price of CreativeBitsBlogShares is a simulated, fantasy stock market for weblogs where players invest fictional money to buy stocks and bonds in an artificial economy where attention is the commodity and weblogs are the companies.

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Firefox is not a fox

It's a Chinese name for a Panda.

It looks like Mozilla's Firefox will reach one million downloads within two weeks. Currently 58% of the visitors to this site is using Safari, 20% IE and 1% OmniWeb. Firefox has grown from 12% to 17% in the last three month.

Red panda, lesser panda
Ailurus fulgens

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Get well Steve!

You probably read about Steve's recent operation that is reported to be successful.

You can wish Steve Jobs well after his cancer surgery here or by sending a mail to him to this address.


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