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Personalize your blocks

Blocks are the little boxes in the sidebar. They give you different kind of information about what's going on at cb. Now you have the option to choose which ones you want to show or hide. There are 12 now and we will add more in the future. Go to my account/edit/block configuration to set up your preference.

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Sorry for the ocassional downtime

What to do? I payed big bucks to make sure cb has a reliable web host. There is no 100% uptime hosting service I guess, but I'm still a bit disappointed. This is what I got from DreamHost:

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Welcome back!

Hello my friends!

First things first. If you had a membership in the old forum, you don't need to re-register. Your old forum memberships and all messages were transferred over to the new site. However, for security reasons you will need to request for a password reset. If you have any problems, please contact me on

Sorry for the downtime. We worked hard day and night on bringing you the new creativebits. It was not easy to convert the based blog and the phpbb based forum into Drupal. A brand new conversion code had to be written by Tim. But it's worth it. Drupal is one of the best content management systems available with clean code and a great future. This site is still a beta, so please do comment if you find any glitch.

Here is a list of what's new in order of importance:
1. We have our own domain and reliable Dreamhost server.

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Liked CreativeBits? You will love CreativeGuy!

I'm happy to announce that Jim, our author at CB decided to start his own professional blog about graphic design called CreativeGuy! Jim will continue to contribute in the CreativeBits forums and will stay to be an author at CB. Wish him good luck with his project!

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Microsoft bought up CreativeBits

Yes, the rumors were true. Microsoft contacted us four weeks ago that they are interested in buying CreativeBits. At first we said no, but than they mentioned a 6 figure number we couldn't resist, so we gave in.

What does it meant to you? Nothing changes, we're still the same cool guys posting extremely useful tips and tricks. Oh, but from now on we are posting tips about Windows rather than OS X. Also, PS tips will be approached from a Windows user perspective. Sounds cool? We thought so!

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Preparing CreativeBits v2

We will be posting less for a while to dedicate more time for the new version of CreativeBits. We've been working on this project for quite some time. We've been through at least two major mockups so far that we learned a lot from. We definitely going to have many changes coming and we were also asked to sell CreativeBits to an upcoming very cool on-line design magazine, but nothing has been decided yet.

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Google's adlinks

Shortly after the introduction of Google sitesearch, just recently Ad Links were introduced as a new form of text advertising. Using the same contextual targeting algorithm that targets Google ads to the content pages, Ad Links units display a list of topics that are theoretically relevant to the page. Each topic, when clicked, brings the user to a page of related advertisements.

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External links marked

This post is following up on previous one called _blank 2B OR !2B where we had discussed the usability of external links in posts opening in separate new windows. Generally we didn't want to change our policy, but I tried to differentiate between external and internal links. So I made some modifications on the CSS of the site.

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Posts most commented on

It's been almost nine month since the the conception of CreativeBits. I looked through the archives and selected the post, which was most commented on for each month. These are not necessarily the most popular, the most useful, most googled or most linked posts. These are not the posts we're most proud of either, but as I said these are the posts you the reader commented on most. Hope you find it interesting.


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