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A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not necessarily substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

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HTML is the future of web

Check out this demonstration of what HTML5 is capable and think of the possibilities if current websites took advantage of these technologies.

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Dear Adobe: Why I won’t upgrade to the latest Creative Suite 5

No Adobe CS5With the recent announcement of Creative Suite 5 by Adobe this past week, and the subsequent complaining that always seems to accompany such an announcement, I thought I would type-up a quick complaint letter that interested people can copy & paste into an email and send off to Adobe. Perhaps if those of you who aren’t happy with the direction Adobe is going in send this letter to them, they’ll completely toss 20+ years of successful software into the bin and start over from scratch!

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Do you postpone things to the last minute?

Are you one of those guys who claim that the pressure of the deadline makes them more productive? While this is true, the overall result of your work will never be as good as with proper preparation and work in addition to the last minute rush. At least this is my opinion. What do you think?

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Get ready for the iPad

There is an exciting new medium about to become mainstream. It's a combination between a magazine and web design. It's rich and exciting. And it's pioneered by the the iPad. Soon, we'll be getting requests to design rich media brochures for companies that will be read on tablet devices. Get inspired and get ready for it. Watch the videos of two publications showcasing some of their designs.

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What does iPad mean for designers?

Now that the iPad is out let's think about whether it is a useful tool for us designers. Sure it can serve all the business and entertainment needs we have, but does it have the ability to help us professionally? Can the iPad makes us more creative, more efficient and can it help us with our everyday design tasks? Let's take each activity we do as designers and see if iPad has a place in it.

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On the importance of naming and grouping layers

There are obvious benefits to spending the extra time and effort grouping your layers into folders and naming them appropriately.

For one you will appreciate the organization if you have to work further on the file after considerable amount time went by. Second, your coworkers or your css programmer will appreciate a neat file as well.

There are some less obvious and immediate advantages to such tidy practices. Design is not done on paper or on screen. Design is something you do in your mind. You continuously evaluate your work and make further design decisions while you work. Design is an internal dialogue and the result is your design work.

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The Big Bang of Business Naming

Suddenly some explosively positive and futuristically pragmatic policies about the Internet and global e-commerce are creating amazing galaxies of business naming. With already 1.7 billion online users and 1 billion more on its way the new business naming capabilities befitting advance and intricate platforms of global cyber branding provide mega opportunities.


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