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stock.xchng vi

This is just to let you guys know that SXC is back online. It is probably the best place on the net for free stock photos, so check out their latest version at

(BTW, downloads are currently disabled)

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Aperture hits the streets

Aperture arrived at stores across the country yesterday, and today, I got my very own copy!

It looks very good, runs fast, ooh yeah and I got it to work on my "old" Power Mac (by my definition, it's still a great computer, but apparently Apple decided that Aperture is not going to run on it).

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Well Apple have released their ‘PhotoShop beater’ and it looks like it’s going to do the same to the Photographers market as FinalCut did to the editing industry.

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Small Camera Softbox

I've always wanted to reach a special effect in mind for portraits at home or on the move that I was only able to achieve using studio lighting.

Last night, I made a drawing of a softbox that attaches on the small flash and experimented with the different diffusers until I reached the effect I wanted.

(Image settings Camera=ISO 100 - 1/200 - f/2.0. Flash=1/128. Lens=135mm)

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Beware of the megapixel hype

It seems to me that for many people the most important characteristic when buying a digital camera is how many megapixels it can do. The bigger however is not necessarily better in this case. :)

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PS CS has an amazing new feature that helps you create panoramas, which can be very impressive, because they break out of the usual perspective that we are used to see. Wide angle lenses can create a cool effect, but nothing can beat a well done panorama.


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