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Where the vector logos live

Client comes in,
wants business card,
doesn't have the company's logo,
points you to company website,
icky low res garbage on website,
you notice company has downloadable brochure in pdf format,
you download said brochure,
notice that the company logo is present in brochure,
hey that logo looks pretty damn good,
open pdf in Illustrator,
wipe tears of joy from eyes when you see company logo sitting there in all its vector splendor,
dump vector logo into business card layout,
present to client,

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FontExplorer X

FontExplorer X active window

For anyone wondering what to use for there font management needs under OS X Linotype have just released a new version of Font Explorer for OS X. Even more interesting is that they have released it as a completely free product.

It seems to be bastard child of iTunes and Suitcase. It has all of the important features of Extensis's $100 product and includes features from iTunes such as smart folders and an integrated online store for browsing and purchasing new fonts.

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Zen and the art of InDesign workspaces

Hopefully anyone that has been using InDesign for a time will have found this alread but for newbies or those who don't fiddle with apps…

One of the best things about InDesign over Quark for me is the ability to really control your workspace and keep things hidden and within easy reach at all times. I find it's much easier to work when your workspace is uncluttered and only the panels you need are permanently active. The rest I dock to either the left of the right of the screen.

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InDesign Interchange format

Corrupt file?
Bloated documents?
Need to send a big document over email?

These are all things that may occur rarely or often depending on how much you use software as complicated as InDesign. This is where the Indesign interchange format comes in.


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