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Critical report on graphics applications.

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Flipboard for iPad is the ultimate social media reader

The newly released free Flipboard app for iPad brings back the magazine style reading to social media. If you enjoy the layout of shiny periodicals but prefer to read what your friends are talking about then Flipboard is for you.

Here is a video and a few screenshoots to show you how it all looks like.

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Transmit 4 is here!

Transmit 4 is here and it's shinier than ever. Transmit always was among the best FTP apps for OS X and it now took a leap further.

You can read about all the cool new features. Let me just point out a few things that I find most exciting.

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Creating PDF Files with Adobe Illustrator

Adapted from Adobe Acrobat 9 PDF Bible
By Ted Padova

Adobe Illustrator, as with other Adobe programs, is built on core PDF technology. In fact, the native Adobe Illustrator file format is PDF, and as such it is one of the best applications supporting direct export to PDF.

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Going Beyond Web Site Type Defaults

Excerpted from Fluid Web Typography
(New Riders)
By Jason Cranford Teague

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Opera Mini for iPhone quick review on Opera Mini for iPhone on Safari for iPhone

I was anxious to see how Opera Mini for iPhone will perform against Safari. So, when I read that Apple accepted it to the App Store I immediately downloaded it.

After playing with it for a while here is my opinion. Let's start with the positive aspects:

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How to Avoid Being a Work Addict

Adapted from The Freelance Design Handbook (RotoVision)
By Cathy Fishel

Is it possible to become addicted to one’s work, to the point where work becomes preferable to any other activity? Sure. Anything that’s pleasurable to human beings releases endorphins in the brain, and those endorphins make you feel good. People like to feel good, so they repeat those actions over and over, until the activity that spawns those feelings becomes an irresistible habit.

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Rule 1: Thou Shalt Make a Logo That is Instantly Readable

Adapted from No Rules Logos: Radical design solutions that break the rules (RotoVision)
By John Stones

Rule 1

Convention has it that one of a logo's first tasks is to be immediately accessible and readable; it shouldn't daunt the viewer at first sight. The logos that follow, however, make demands on their viewers and require deciphering.

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Google Buzz

You can join the fun here:

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When I design logos for clients I present many options. By the time I come up with the ideas, sketch them out on paper and then design them on the screen I get attached to them. As a friend of mine once said your logos become your kids. We want to see them grow, become successful and famous. When the client asks me which logo among the presented I like most I feel as if I'm asked which child of mine I like the most. I can't decide, I love them all.

Yet, if I'm lucky client chooses only one from the many. The rest of the kids don't get any love, they are tossed away as if they weren't good enough to represent a business, not fit enough for the world. This is unfair. These abandoned ideas deserve better.


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