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Font management gets an upgrade

Suitcase Fusion 2

I've written a full review of Extensis Suitcase Fusion 2, which you can read at Macworld's Creative Notes blog, where I covered the user interface, auto-activation, and my real-world experience using the application.

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Gmail Labs review

Google just introduced Gmail Labs — 13 new optional features that you can try out on your Gmail account. To get them go to your settings and click the Labs button. Let's check the new features out.

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Mondrianum OS X Color Picker add-on

If you're an Adobe kuler user, you need try out this cool Color Picker add-on — Mondrianum.

While kuler membership is not necessary to run this add on, unfortunately the beta only runs on Leopard — another reason to upgrade.

Apple Color Picker is available in more Mac OS X applications, including Photoshop. In PS you just need to switch from the Adobe picker in General Preferences.

Mondrianum adds another way to pick colors besides the already default 5 other ways, such as color circle, sliders, swatches, image and crayons.

Mondrianum downloads color sets right from kuler using tags or you can select from the popular, highest rated and newest color sets.

Tag search means if you come up with a unique tag and share it with your friends you can effectively share color sets across multiple work stations.

Here are a couple of tag searches and their results:

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Iris Mac OS X photo editing application

Iris iconI checked out the free beta of Iris, which promises to be the future of image editing on the Mac platform. According to the site:

Designed from the ground up specifically for Mac users, Iris provides a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution for all your photo editing needs.

Programmed to perform with a unique and elegant one-window interface, Iris renders confusing multiple palettes obsolete.

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MacBook Air sniffs out the cool stuff

Against all odds the brand new MacBook Air isn't an ultrathin WiFi MacBook. Hey, we've had WiFi for like 10 years, what's new about that? It's so much more cooler than that!

The new MacBook Air features a sophisticated electronic nose called iSmell. It can detect smells and lead you to them via the brand new Mac OS X app SmellCompass.


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Aviary, a collection of web based design tools


Once it launches, it will be fun to check out this new project called Aviary, which is a set of many different design tools. It is targeting a semi-professional market, so it's not really us. And, it's unlikely you gonna replace your Adobe CS suite for Aviary anytime soon, but I'm sure we will find a few interesting elements in this new package that can be used together with our traditional applications.

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Color Picker Pro Review

Here is a handy little application that improves efficiency if you work a lot with html, css and graphics under Mac OS X.

Color Picker Pro as the name suggests is a beefed up color picker with a magnifying glass and a container for picked colors. Here are the steps on how you are supposed to make use of it:

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Default Folder X productivity enhancing OS X application


Default Folder X is a very important little add-on application that will save a lot of time and effort in your daily work. Let me give you a quick review of the main features.

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Skitch quick review

Check out skitch, a Max OS X application, that is only available with an invite at this stage. It's like the free ImageWell application on steroids. It not only allows you to create quick screenshots and edit them, but also gives you server space and a platform to store those images online so you can view them on your skitch page (here is mine). Alternatively you can embed them into your blog or forum post. And, of course I'll give away the invites I have. I got only 2 so far, so please drop a comment if you want one.

Click read more link below to check out the video for more details.


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