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Widsense for AdSense

Widsense is a small widget to be used with the Dashboard provided by Apple in Mac OS X.4. You enter your Adsense username and password on the back and it displays the impressions, clicks, and revenues for the current day, the 2 previous days, and the current month. You can save your login and password, so that you do not need to mention it each time you launch the Dashboard.

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Promoting yourself as a designer


Hello this is my first front page post and I hope you can apply my thoughts and research to your career or hobby. I am a young designer but hope to bring a new perspectives to creativebits. There are many ways of promoting yourself and your services whether in print or on the internet. I am going to look at the different methods of doing this...

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Use skype on your mobile phone

If you are on the run abroad and need to phone some important clients and speak to them personally and you want to use Skype for it. You've got no computer along you, only your mobile phone which isn't state of the art pocket pc with wlan and everything.. You got for an example a Sony Ericsson K750i or something along those lines..

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Pixel image editor

Not a Photoshop killer yet, but Pixel is an interesting low cost (US$32) alternative for your image editing needs. The software runs on OSX (no Universal Binary yet though) besides many other operating systems, is developed by Pavel Kanzelsberger, a Slovakian programmer. It has not even been released as a final product and it already won many awards.

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A whole lot of work

Have you ever wished to choose your clients? Do you have free time from your regular clientele?

If you are a freelancing creative promises to give answer to both of these questions. It is a site where clients pitch their work for creatives and the winner takes the prize. The site only started 14 days ago and they are waiting for creatives to sign up before clients can start uploading briefs.

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New input device for graphic designers

NuLOOQFor a change here is a Mac OS X only hardware. What's more is that it is especially designed for us graphic designers working all day on Adobe applications.

I've not tried it myself yet, so I can't tell you how good it is, but I can certainly value the initiative to develop something beyond the traditional input devices. Hopefully it is much easier to get used to than it is to remember it's name. Here is what Logitech says about it:

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Archiving Projects

The Disk Utility program (located in Applications/Utilities) is not just for physical disks: you can create images of folders and projects that you want to keep at hand, but don't want to see in SpotLight and don't want to dedicate gobs of disk space to. Read how to do it.

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Creative training

A cb reader wrote me a few days ago about his 11 year old son, who has been diagnosed with NonVerbal Learning Difficulties (NVLD or NLD) - the right side of his brain functions poorly. He saw the coffee bean test and was wondering where can he get more to try and help his son to develop his right brain? If you know of any such games please do suggest!

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MouseBrains Beta

MouseBrainsJoe Zandstra just emailed me that he finished the solitrary creative brainstorming web application that is based on the pairing method that I posted some time ago. He writes:

...After using random word and word association for a while (and finding it works well), I thought I'd see if I could enhance the whole process with a bit of hacky DHTML coding...

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Change font size in Firefox

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Apple - "+" (Command - "+") and Apple - "-" keycombo to change font size in a browser window. But did you know that you can hold down the Apple key and use the scroll bar to increase font size as well? I'm not sure if it works with all mice, but it certainly works with the mighty one.


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