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New FF tab in a snap

To create a new tab in Firefox just double-click the empty area next to the tabs on the right.

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CSS reference

CSS reference contains complete definitions of the most popular CSS values, along with syntax and variables. You can easily switch among the six section by using the buttons at the top. CSS reference is a work in progress, and we have not yet implemented some values. If you like it, please contribute to the project by adding your own values.


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Lorem Ipsum revisited

Just when I thought I have the simplest method to get Lorem Ipsum at hand, I found an even better one. Cicero generates a chunk of preset size of random copy and puts it on my clipboard. I just need to click a button in Cicero widget in Dashboard. See a sample of the generated copy below:

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Gmail has contact export

You can quickly export your Gmail Contacts list into a CSV file. Here's how:

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Solitary brainstorming: Pairing

Do you believe coming up with a creative idea is a matter of luck? I don't. I think creativity is strategic thinking. It can be a well defined process that almost guarantees an idea every time.

Unfortunately there is no single recipe that works for everyone. The working process is different for every creative person. If you ask 10 successful designers and admans they will give you 10 different answers as to how they come up with ideas.

You have to develop your own methods. You need to try many different things and track their success. With time you will find and fine tune your own technique that works the best for you. The fastes way to do that is to learn from other people's methods and mold them into your own style.

Let me share one technique I call pairing that I use to come up with creative concepts fairly quickly. The example is simulated, therefore there may be logical gaps, but it's not important for the comprehension of the method. I reconstructed the thought process just to explain the process. I've used this technique many times and it's the most rewarding for me for projects, which have a clear selling point for a product. In this example I'm talking about advertising, but the same technique can be applied for an annual report, a logo or any other creative job.

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Use Gmail as a personal information repository

For those of you that have a web mail account such as Gmail, there is a whole range of features waiting to be used. One I especially like is the plus addressing or inserting the '+' sign after your name eg if your domain is '', then add the plus sign like this:

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FontExplorer X

FontExplorer X active window

For anyone wondering what to use for there font management needs under OS X Linotype have just released a new version of Font Explorer for OS X. Even more interesting is that they have released it as a completely free product.

It seems to be bastard child of iTunes and Suitcase. It has all of the important features of Extensis's $100 product and includes features from iTunes such as smart folders and an integrated online store for browsing and purchasing new fonts.

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Modern Graph tool?

Illustrator graph tool

When will Adobe finally get round to giving us a useful grown up graph tool for Illustrator. I'm a bit sick of upgrading only to find that one of the tools I use most in print design is as it was when I first started in the design industry way back in the midst of time.

At the moment M$ products have more features for creating graphs than Illustrator. I'm not saying that they create graphs that are well designed, they just simply have more options.

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Videocasts for the designer

You are probably aware that you can drop video files into iTunes, organize them and play them as they were audio files. You probably also know that you can get Podcasts in iTunes. It was only a matter of time that we would start downloading videocasts with it.

videocast on iTunes

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InDesign Interchange format

Corrupt file?
Bloated documents?
Need to send a big document over email?

These are all things that may occur rarely or often depending on how much you use software as complicated as InDesign. This is where the Indesign interchange format comes in.


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