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Inklet turns your trackpad into a tablet

I always loved tablets not only for drawing and retouching but for general navigation. I found them more precise and faster to use than a mouse. The only problem with tablets is their size. Even though I use a small Bamboo I'm reluctant to carry it along every time.

The trackpad for general navigation is a close contender especially if you use one of those new MacBooks or MBPs with large trackpad areas. The only problem with trackpads is that fingertips aren't a very precise tool.

It looks like Inklet may provide a good solution overall giving you the option to have precise navigation and portability. Inklet turns your trackpad into a tablet. It will never be as good as a full size tablet, but good enough for 95% of tasks. Check out the video below.

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Google Browser Size

Sorry to pitch another Google service, but this is a really useful tool. :) Google Browser Size shows you how much of your website people see without scrolling. This can be important to make sure important elements of your site, like navigation are visible to as many people as possible. Also it gives you a good idea about the number of people who will see your extra wide website layout in its entirety.

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Create color palettes on the go

Have you ever seen an inspiring scene that felt just right for the project you were working on? With the free iPhone app created by Neenah paper Think Ink (iTunes link) you can create multiple color palettes from a picture in a few easy steps. Take the picture, center it on a key color, select the mood, save the palette and get the CMYK and RGB numbers right on the screen. See the screenshoots below.

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Google Chrome for Mac is officially out

Finally Google Chrome for Mac is out, but be careful it's only for for OS X 10.5+, so if you're still running 10.4, you're out of luck.

After downloading you can import your FF or Safari bookmarks by clicking the wrench icon in the top right corner.

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Speed up your browsing by using Google's Public DNS

google dns on MacBy default most of us use our ISP's DNS to resolve web addresses into IP numbers. Google came up with a Public DNS system, which is is supposedly faster (and perhaps safer) than using the ISP's DNS. If you want to test it on your Mac it's really easy to set it up.

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How to check your logo for originality

As you must have noticed several times in the past (Quark, City of Kelowna, Fallen footware, etc.) it is highly probable that the logo you designed and believe to be original has already been done in a similar form in the past.

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Google Image Swirl

Google after introducing Similar Images Search which recently graduated from Labs, now brings us another lab project: Google Image Swirl.

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Create designs with Context Free

Context Free is an application that creates geometric shapes using a programming language.

All the images created are vector images that can be exported as SVG. You can open the files in Illustrator or Photoshop and further modify them to include in your designs.

Typical uses would be patterns for backgrounds and geometric shapes for logos.

Here are few examples created with this application:


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