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Livesurface brings your design alive

Check out livesurface an image library of a special kind. It offers background images that you can use to present your designs effectively in situ. Each image is masked out for easy manipulation.

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Gmail and Google Apps is down

So far only the front end is affected, but judging by the twitter comments the problem is widespread. Both payed and free accounts are affected. IMAP for email and docs frontend still works, but Gears isn't. Google's official statement on Gmail Help:

Status Update

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Skype of Mac now with Screen Sharing

Skype with the new 2.8 Beta version for Mac introduced an exciting new feature: Screen Sharing.

Screen Sharing allows you to transmit the images on your display to the person you're talking to over Skype. You can share your whole screen or just a portion of it. This is really very convenient if you want to discuss a brief with your colleagues or present a job to your client.

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FontExplorer X update released; no longer a free app

FontExplorer X ProLinotype today released FontExplorer X Pro, the long-awaited update to their free font manager.

Unfortunately, it's no longer free. Linoptype has stepped-up the competition in the professional font management arena with this latest release, offering the standard desktop client, as well as a server version for larger shops.

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Google Image Search just got more powerful

Notice the new option in Google Image Search. Besides the image size now you can also select the image type. You can choose from "news content", "Faces", "Clip art", "Line drawings" and "Photo content". This makes searching for reference images much more faster. It's not yet perfect, but pretty close. See the results for the search term apple below:

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Very cool OSX apps at a HUGE discount

Macupdate is offering a fantastic Holiday Bundle of ten really popular, and highly useful OSX apps for only $49.99 (regularly $447.69), now through December 19th.

MacUpdate Holiday Bundle

The Holiday Bundle includes:

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Using Flickr images for free

Finding free images for use on your Web site, blog or design project can be a real pain. You could turn to some of the free stock photo sites out there. Some are pretty decent, but most of the images have a distinct "stock photography" look about them. Instead, try using images from Flickr.

Flickr Creative Commons LicensesPhoto by Spoon Monkey.

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The iPhone apps every designer needs

big idea

The iPhone and iTouch are great companions for a designer when on the go. Besides the basic communication apps there are at least 10 applications you must carry with you to make the most out of your Apple pocket device.

The links below will take you directly to the iTunes Music Store where you can download the apps instantly.

Let's take a journey through a working week enhanced by your new iPhone apps.

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Finally an eBook reader that is good enough to put the real book down

I was hoping for an eBook reader that would gain enough acceptance worldwide, so that it can become the new standard for all book publishers. Kindle was a great start, but the device doesn't has enough copies sold to become mainstream.


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