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Get notified when your email has been read

spypigHave you ever wondered if a client received your important email already? Don't you wish you had a way to tell?

It can be done, although it's a bit more complicated than just clicking a switch. Visit Spypig and follow the instructions for a one off tracking image that will be used to check the delivery of your email.

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msn live image search

msn search

I'm not a big fan of MS products usually. I use Apple and Google software mostly. But I have to admit msn's image search blows the competition away. It has so many cool features, such as:

  • Lightbox (called Scratchpad by MS)
  • Dynamic resizing of thumbnails
  • Details of thumbnail on hover
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Clear images for identity design

It's always a good idea to present your logo and identity design pasted on objects. Also, when you prepare the graphic design guidelines you may want to include realistic looking mock-ups to present the artwork.

Here is a great collection of more than 200 clear images from diegomattei to help you with these tasks. Just apply your graphics on these surfaces with the layer option multiply and see how the identity instantly comes alive.

The collection includes the following categories:


Download clear stationery images 6.9MB.

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Google Analytics weekly and monthly graphs

Finally Google released Analytics' most requested feature. It's still in beta, but works pretty well already. Now, you can view your long term data in weekly and monthly breakdown besides the default daily view. This was a very important step to be able to judge your site's growth over a longer period of time.

Daily breakdown. Hard to see the trends.

Weekly view. Easier to judge.

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To-do-list for Google Apps

gmail to-do-list

gCal to-do-list

What is the most requested feature at Google Apps? A to-do-list of course. While we are eagerly waiting for Google to introduce one, here is a solution that gives you complete Gmail and gCal integration.

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7 cool things you need to know about Google Reader

We live in the age of information overload. There is so much great stuff to read both within the realms of our profession and in general. It's hard to keep track of all the resources.

That's where RSS feeds com into the picture. RSS readers help you keep track of hundreds of blogs and news sources with a relative simplicity. There are many options for an RSS reader if you are on a Mac and as Jim notes even the last big RSS reader went free recently.

Besides all the great desktop choices the web based Google Reader is probably the best solution for your feed reading needs. There are two main reasons for this. First, GR tracks your unread news items regardless how many devices you use. Secondly, GR has a lot of advanced social features that are not offered by any desktop reader.

Here are a few cool things you can do with GR:

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iPaper, the end of pdf?

Check out iPaper in action below. iPaper is a document format built for the Internet. Like a YouTube video, iPaper documents are Flash widgets which you embed in your existing web pages. PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and many other document formats can all be displayed on the web using iPaper. Ideal for client presentations. Would this technology replace pdf we send to client any time soon? I believe there is a good chance for that.

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Mondrianum OS X Color Picker add-on

If you're an Adobe kuler user, you need try out this cool Color Picker add-on — Mondrianum.

While kuler membership is not necessary to run this add on, unfortunately the beta only runs on Leopard — another reason to upgrade.

Apple Color Picker is available in more Mac OS X applications, including Photoshop. In PS you just need to switch from the Adobe picker in General Preferences.

Mondrianum adds another way to pick colors besides the already default 5 other ways, such as color circle, sliders, swatches, image and crayons.

Mondrianum downloads color sets right from kuler using tags or you can select from the popular, highest rated and newest color sets.

Tag search means if you come up with a unique tag and share it with your friends you can effectively share color sets across multiple work stations.

Here are a couple of tag searches and their results:

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11 pencils

The Lowdown on Moving Up

School's narrowly associate themselves with helping their students find their first job. Article's focus on that all-important "getting in". But in the month's of research I did before I left my last position, I found nothing on obtaining your second. Your second position is, in many ways, more important than your first. Hopefully it helps.

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Get a quick visual overview of a site

If you need to check out the content of a site quickly here is a quick and dirty way to get a visual overview.

Search the site for images only. This query will result in pages of thumbs that can give you an alternate navigation. This technique is very useful for getting a snapshot of designer portfolio site or any other site that is heavy on visuals. For example here is the url for such a search of my personal site:


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