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What do with your unused domains?

Several of my friends own many domain names. These assets are usually sitting unused in their domain registrar accounts. If you also have such domains or planning to register a few for future use read on.

With relatively little time you can start making a bit of money from these domains. Get a Google Adsense account, make up a fake page with some relevant text full of valuable keywords and put up a large google ad. Make sure you provide a contact email on the page in case somebody wants to offer to buy the domain.

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Google Pop the new digg?


Google were going to buy for around 200 million last July, but apparently they couldn't work out a deal. So, google decided to build its own digg and make it available to its millions of users in form of an iGoogle gadget called What's popular.

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Tweetmeme the new digg?

Tweetmeme (Tmm) is a service built around the highly popular Twitter micro-blogging service. Tmm counts the number a certain web page has been tweeted about. If a certain page gets a lot of tweets it hits the Tmm front page, which will generate even more traffic.

Currently the Tmm home page only gets a few thousand visitors, so it's not even comparable to the traffic that digg can generate.
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Finally Microsoft is putting IE6 to death

Last Friday Eric Hebenstreit a lead programmer at Microsoft announced that starting from end of April MS will start offering IE8 as an update for users who are still on IE6 or IE7.

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Securing your online identity


In this day and age, where many of us spend a large part of our professional and social life online our online identity is becoming as important as our real life persona.

The most important part of this online presence, not unlike in real life, is your name. A secondary element is your avatar or profile image.

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SearchWiki: Google let's you digg search results


Google now allows logged in users to vote for, delete and add new search results for any keyword. What does this mean to you and web site search engine optimization (SEO)? First see the video below about SearchWiki and what it does.

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Google Chrome not yet on Mac

google chrome

Generally I must say that all Mac OS X based browsers including Safari and the Intel optimized Firefox version are relatively slow. This is especially apparent when you run Windows XP under OS X in emulation using VMWare and try any browser, be it IE, FF or the brand spanking new Google browser Google Chrome. Windows based browsers are snappy and fast compared to a just acceptable performance on OS X.

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Google marries Digg

Google is experimenting and will soon launch a new social bookmarking and commenting service that is much like Digg, but will work on any keyword. This may change the way SEO is done and I can already see hordes of fakers trying to manipulate the system.

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CSS theme switching examples

I was looking for a good way to implement a simple theme switcher for creativebits' light theme and found this competition on smashing magazine. The winner has a very sexy OS X style box that moves around and allows switching between several themes. I think it's an overkill for our purposes, but it is certainly inspiring.

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Set a Guinness World Record with Firefox 3

ff world map

Firefox is about make history again. To help them all you have to do is download Firefox 3 during Download Day to help set the record for most software downloads in 24 hours. Do your pledge now!

FF has already overtaken IE in many countries and many site's stats show high Firefox usage. Here are's numbers: Firefox 45.66%, IE 33.78%, Safari 17.44%, Opera 2.06%.


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