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Company Logo

This is a logo for a company that houses creative individuals who specialize in their craft. The work done includes film directing, graphic design, cinematography, editing, and a musician to score and write music. The name "Beach Ball Creative" stems from the idea that balls are as versatile as the company itself and can be used in numerous ways. Feedback is appreciated!

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As a side note, this is only one among various concepts for this project.

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I really think a mind map and a full reboot here would greatly benefit this. Could be unified, fun, colourful, youthful, a bunch of things. This is very static and hard to read. It feels very like the company itself at the moment, too broad in its focus and not trying to achieve any one thing well. If you guys specialize in one thing (even if you hire a lot of people who do different things as you say) your logo should also speak of professionalism. That means part to ditching gimmicky gradients that don't serve any purposes- much as the web 2.0 trend isn't a great way to follow for "to the letter good design", you can use examples of shadows and highlights if you must use gradients. Staying away from restrictive boxes like these and leaning towards something cool like gestalt or a uniform and balanced shape would increase this as well. Kerning also needs heavy attention (ie, where TIVE all collide together in creative [appears as tme).

PS: This might be my own personal preference but rather than listing your company as "music, film, print, web, etc." saying "multimedia" truly sums that up and doesn't make it sound as such a disorganized entity of people who banded together but a professional industry business (i'm sure this is a goal?). I'm not sure if your company name is set but Beach Ball Multimedia may serve your purposes better here rather than "creative". What you do is inherently creative, no need to bash people over the head with it. Someone else will hopefully chime in on this either for/ against.

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Looks like the CBS logo.

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I saw CBS right off, too, ArtD. I agree with YoungZM on all counts. Reboot.


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Thanks for the feedback YoungZM, I'll see what I can do about reworking the design and leaning towards a more unconventional layout. This was simply a rough idea and I'll be more careful to not make others think I'm using other people's work such as the CBS logo as that was not my intention from the start. I'll post a revised version soon.

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make first the Black&White ver. then present the color version

- the effects are afecting the reading
- Creative is too close BeachBall

yes I'm brazilian xD

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yeah. sadly, the component that most identifies something as a "beach ball" is the multi-color panels.
so, like others have said, i saw an old CBS logo before a beach ball.

and with the gradient. you cant read CREATIVE. it looks as much like ORBTIME

this doesnt work. reboot

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The gradient messes up the contrast, especially with the thin font weight

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A logo usually gets designed as a vector image and the quality won't suffer at different sizes. This design looks like a traffic signal. Suggest redesign.

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just say no


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The logo is actually great. But as what the previous comments have expressed, it must have a revision to clear their minds regarding plagiarism with the CBS. I know you can create a better one. More power :)
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