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Hi, this is a logo for a Medic´s Commettee of the State i live in.

Something smooth and fresh, with a strong Type, i have to work out some details,
what do you think?

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Just as a general thought, the text placement and proportion to the logo should have a bit more real estate. Increase by maybe 30%, vertically centre it and I think it would help balance things out. Might be my preference but the serifs in the bold "COREMIP" font are a bit extreme in some cases so I'd personally trim them down to increase readability. Kerning needs attention as well in the majority of this.

Other than that, I like the icon/ symbol- it's fun and not a bad start really. I think the EKG heart beat could be simplified (maybe 2-3 waves instead of 5) and I think just a bit of balance as per where the orbiting pulse is around the heart. Might be a little high top right. For ease of printing and embroidery would it still look good/ get the message across as a full shaped heart rather than split into 2? It's... heart breaking /bad pun.

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I think heart should not be the main interest of this branding.
It's about a whole class of doctors.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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It's a good start imo - but it needs a lot of massaging. The heart is a little too playful imo - the angle is too extreme and the separation (which I assume is supposed to be two blood drops as well as a heart) - is a little scary. If that's blood - you've struck a major artery, my friend. Maybe not the kind of message a medical facility wants to send.

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I believe he made it because it's "peninsular" or "a head land is surrounded by water on three sides" or an idea of island and mainland. He forgot to describe it for you at briefing.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I don't really see that in the logo - although I do know what a peninsula is... I live on one, remember? Florida. :)

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Sorry, this is, as Art D. says, too playful. There's a difference between "accessible and reassuring to the public" and just cartoony. Did you mean for the pulse/EKG loop to look like a halo around the heart? On the strength of this logo and nothing else, I would not choose to patronize this clinic.


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i think it would be a LOT less cartoony if the EKG loop were horizontal rather than tilted

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