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Drupal image module watermark extension

I know we have many Drupal users here. Guys, we have a finished watermark.module that extends the functionality of the image.module so we can have a watermark automatically applied to the images that are uploaded. I want to collect the required bounty of 2K US$ for the developer, so he would sell me the module, which then will be released for everybody for free. Test the functionality and donate here:

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Just a question.. $2000K ($2,000,000) or $2K ($2,000)?


EDIT: Ooops.. Just checked the link you provided, it has my answer..

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Yes, it's 2K or 2000 US$.

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Seems like an awful lot of money for what should be a fairly simple module. I'm no PHP guru but know this kind of thing is what PHP does really well with it's image frameworks. Am happy to contribute the odd dollar for these kinds of projects but it's no FireFox which i gave considerably more when they were having hosting problems a while back.

Also when we getting CB2? Really looking forward to what you've come up with :-)


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The module has been now released! Thanks all!

This is cb v2. V3 is in the works, but I'm busy and the team is busy too. Only Tigerstorm works on it, but we are late on giving feedback to him. Basically, it is happening but very slow...

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