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Google AdSense referrals

Now with Yahoo! and other companies trying to break into Google's targeted text ads business, I guess Google felt it needs to expand as fast as possible. Therefore they launched a new referral system. If you're an AdSense member you can refer your friends to let them start making money on their websites.

To create a referral button just like the one you see here, you need to visit your AdSense account and click the referrals tab. There are several different sizes and languages available to choose from, but the color combination is restricted to the white/black/green combo.

Users who sign up for AdSense through your referral button will learn about the product, and you'll have a new way to generate revenue - US$100 when each user you refer first earns US$100.

In addition, if you are a U.S. publisher, for Firefox with Google Toolbar referrals Adsense will pay up to $1 per referral the first time a user installs Firefox. The Adsense team promises to make this available soon to international publishers as well.

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