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New FF tab in a snap

To create a new tab in Firefox just double-click the empty area next to the tabs on the right.

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Useful (and well known, mostly due to erroneous clicks) tip, but Ctrl+T is more handy, since it allows opening a new tab even if there are no others.

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Did not know this...will most definitely come in handy.

ctrl+T (ugh at pc-lol) --- cmd+T (much better)

Also, wonder why Firefox 1.5 doesnt have the close tab buton on each tab. I had the pre-release of 1.5 and pretty sure it did.

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by downloading an extension from

By the way, you can get the same functionality in Safari by using SAFT.


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in windows, you can close a firefox tab by clicking the [middle] scroll button over a tab.
also, clicking the scroll button over a link, opens that link in a new tab.

i'm pretty sure there is a plugin on firefox site which gives more functionality to the tabs. stuff like changing the order of opened tabs.

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...and you can navigate through them using shift + cmd + left or shift + cmd + right

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you can also navigate by clicking CMD + #-of-tab

so for the first tab (CMD-1)
for the second tab (CMD-2)

of course if you have a lot of tabs open, it will be quicker to just go there and click it instead of having to count which tab it is. but it's quick when u only have a few tabs open....

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