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Herbivores Bake Yard

Brand Identity design for my client 'Herbivores Bake Yard'. Its a pure veg. venture. HBY aims at keeping away preservatives and artificial additives as much as possible. Cakes and desserts also customised to suit customers' needs.

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Is that supposed to be a head on the H? Like a giraffe or something? the cross bar aspect makes the letter look like TH instead of just H. Might want to work on that.

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Cute concept. I would go ahead and make the ascender of the H be a giraffe neck and head...stylized, yes, but not as extreme as you have here.

Please forgive my ignorance, but I'm having a little trouble with the term "bake yard." The baking part is clear enough, but what is meant by "yard" in this context?


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Agreed what does bake yard mean? Just a bakery but English (UK? [Sounds English])? I think you could get away with just having a cute giraffe that resembles the shape of the letter there instead of bending it the other way. It would go nicely here and be friendlier.

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if the letterform is supposed to represent an animal (and this is one of the rare occasions where making a letter represent an object MIGHT be wise), id work on the head. making it look less letter-form-y and more like an animal. example file attached.

but if vegetarianism is a key feature in the game. using an animal in the mark is either really smart or really dumb. even if it IS the latter, i do appreciate your spirit!

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Nice idea, I agree about the head, it could simply bend over from the top of the neck (like animals do!), the cross bar looks clumsy (sorry). But to criticise about 1% when someone has achieved 99% of a good logo isn't really criticism, it's fine tuning, so good job.

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I like the font you used. What's it called?

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Thanks guys... for your kind replies.......
after ur suggestions i have corrected my work a little.
Pls do check

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