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iPad 2: Tablet is getting serious

Jobs Today announced the new iPad 2, which on the surface seems like a boring speed bump aside from the two cameras and 3 axis gyroscope. But I think the 2x faster CPU and the 9x faster graphics chips are a very important.

The extra processing power opens up the possibility for more serious, complex, full featured and resource hungry applications, such as the newly announced iMovie and Garageband for iPad. This new tablet is is not just a mobile and media device anymore. It may soon make make the laptop redundant for more and more people.

The iPad 2 packs enough power to run an iPad version of a fully functional Photoshop for example, not just a dumbed down photo editing app. Hope Adobe makes it happen.

It can run serious 3D apps that scientists, doctors and engineers require for their work. It can pretty much do anything that doesn't require moving of huge amount of data that the 64GB of space can't handle. This power combined with the thinner and lighter device will allow people to use the tablet in even more situations. It will help them in their everyday professional and recreational tasks where previously a mobile phone's screen and processing power was to small to handle the job or a laptop was too big and heavy for the situation.

Also see attached a comparison between the iPad, Motorola Xoom and iPad 2.

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I'm not sure about a full version of Photoshop, but perhaps Fireworks or Photoshop Elements. Using my fingers to try and make precise edits like masking or clipping paths doesn't sound too appealing

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I agree. Perhaps they can leave out the very complex things that are not used often anyway.

Inputs have to reinvented for the tablet, just like Keynote or Pages was rewritten completely in terms of GUI.

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hmmmm bit of a nothing update really isn't it.

Completely agree with Jim about the fact that it's not practical at all for anything complex (the adobe suite) and it's not much good as a video editing tool either down to the fact it's got no disk drive, no USB/firewire, minimal RAM and a measly 64GB memory...

Still a bit of a vanity product as far as I'm concerned, when you think you can buy a decent laptop that can do twice as much for half the price

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I think my Apple stock just got a bump.

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Christ, looks like I'm going to have to cave in and get me one of these...

Leaky Penny
Check out what I've been up to lately!

I'm going to print it out and eat it.

-Unknown Artist

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Wait for retina display if you didn't buy still now.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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no big deal!
The soon coming Window8 slabs will make this obsolete!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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Love the smart cover - that's just a beautiful bit of design.

For me, all it would take is something like Panic's Coda app coming to iPad and I could get 80/90% of my work done on the thing.

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Probably the best iPad2 presentaion ever.

Seubaz from Colour Links

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apple apple apple ....

Seubaz's picture
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potato potato potato ...

Seubaz from Colour Links

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Best presentation ever Seubaz.

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Apple is the most innovative company in the world and the new iPad is awesome.

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Cant wait for the new ipad 2.

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