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Forwarding information from your iPhone

The iPhone is missing a much needed combo of features. Copy/Paste and sms forwarding. There is a straightforward but no so elegant solution.

You can take a screenshoot of your iPhone screen with any important information and email it to your contacts.

To take a screenshoot, press and hold the Home button and press the sleep button on the top. You will hear the familiar screenshoot sound and the screen will flash to give you visual and audio feedback on the screenshoot operation.

After this you should go to your photos and you will find the screenshoot in the camera roll. Select the right screen and forward it to an email address.

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i didnt knew the snapshot one ! thks ivan ;)

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Do I even have to comment on the patched up mess that the iPhumb is?
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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T-Mobile iPhones FTW! If you are running a JB iPhone, definitely checkout hclipboard for your copy/pasting needs. It also uses a bookmarklet to turn content in safari to text fields to copy from.

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Is a cut & Paste app. really worth all the hassle of jailbreaking your iPhone?


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Probably not, but if you want to run t-mobile contract free with a $5.99 data plan, then yes. You are in the dark if you think a copy/paste app is the only feature available for a JB phone. That's why I said "if" in my previous comment.

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