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Learn how to REALLY use Smart Objects in PS

As I was looking for the great happy grow a vector animation tool I found as well a great study on how to use Smart Objects really well and some bad stuff from them

Show your love and bow to his mastery full and free tutorial :D

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Checkered background customization

When working with white or light grey objects the default checkered pattern that stands for the transparent background makes it quite difficult to see the edges of your elements. It's especially difficult to judge semitransparent areas. I've seen designers adding another locked layer below the working layers filled with a dark color. This is a good solution, except that it adds to the file size and needs to be switched on and off when saving your work with the transparent background as a gif or png.

Background pattern settings

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Enlarging images part five

One thing that can help your enlarged images to look better is increased contrast for the blury details. One of the best ways to do it is to use the high-pass filter.

High pass before

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Remove Dust & Scratches

Dust & Scratches filter is for cleaning the imperfections in your image that are usually a result of of film development and scanning. You may ask, what's to write about this filter? You just select it from Filter/ Noise and done.


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Lightbox ranking

PhotoShop CS has an excellent file browser built into the application. You can access it from the File menu or by pressing Apple(Cmd)-Shift-O. It can do all a regular functions Finder does and much more. Many don't realize that you can actually delete/rename and move images, create/delete folders, etc. in this mini application with the benefit of having really big preview icons for your images to help your navigation.

But don't you miss the old times, when you could mark the transparencies on your lightbox and easily arrange them for a selection?

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Finding the correct layer blending mode

Most of the time when I'm trying to find a specific desired effect I would go through several layer blending modes. This can mean a lot of clicking if done from the tiny drop down menu. I would have to focus to the menu to remember where I was.

blending modes

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Radial blur center adjustment

Radial Blur

Blur Center windowRadial blur is a great tool in PhotoShop to dramatize speed, but what if your subject matter is not in the center of your image? If you apply the radial blur filter the speed lines will be incorrect (left image).

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Direct linking to pages in PDF files

I'm not sure how useful you may find this Adobe Acrobat bit, but I've had a reason to use it recently and thought I would share it.

Say you have a large multi-page PDF document stored on your Web site. And lets say you want to link to a specific page in that PDF file right from your Web page. You could split the specific page out of the file, or you could force your reader to scroll to a specific page, but this is a more elegant solution.


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