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Separations Preview in Illustrator CS2

One of the things that come in handy when prepping files for print is being able to preview how the printer will separate the artwork to colour plates. This is especially handy when you're working with a combination of spot colours, or a combination of spot and process. Unfortunately Adobe Illustrator does not offer this functionality. Don't give up hope though, help is at hand.

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Keep your tools handy

toolbox torn

Let's say you are working on an illustration that requires a set of tools that you use consecutively hundreds of times to get the job done. You can either learn all the shortcuts to use the keyboard to switch between them. Or you can simply tear off the required toolbox panels from the main toolbox bar and put them comfortably next to the illustration you're working on.

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Emails that were repeatedly replied to and forwarded can become too long and heavy. It becomes a nightmare to sort through such long text to find relevant information. It is polite and useful to edit such emails when replying or forwarding further to make sure only the important part is being sent.

You can achieve this really easily by making a selection in the email you are reading before hitting the reply or forward button. By doing this you will only include the selected text in the newly created email.

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Go forward and backward with scrollwheel in Firefox

By now, you know that by pressing Apple (Cmd) and scrolling with the scroll wheel on your mouse you can change the font size in your browser. You also know that by pressing CTRL and scrolling you can Zoom in and out your screen.

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Checking Gmail on the move

gmailGoogle recently released a FANTASTIC Java app which allows you to easily check you Gmail from a mobile phone. It is very fast, simple and easy to use. To get it, just point your phone's web browser to . It will then ask permission to download and install a 100k applet.

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Firefox 2.0 Mac OS X

Firefox iconFirefox 2.0 was released almost at the same time as Internet Explorer 7. And, what a difference. While Firefox alongside Opera is raising the bar, IE7 is barely catching up with the rest of the crowd.

This is a good example of how much more efficient the open source community can be compared to a giant behemoth company like MS. The new Firefox packs a lot of cool new features and most importantly it is much faster than the previous version. Here are the new features in the order of importance for me.

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iChat gets options with Chax

chaxI've been using iChat for a while now with my GMail account, but HECK it's frustating with all the little windows and iChat disappearing behind other application windows and always asking "...accept?"

So... Google to the rescue and I discover Chax, a nifty little plugin to make iChat a tad more user friendly. Here's a small list of what I consider highlights, from a long list of features:

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The Unarchiver

Here's a small tip concerning unarchiving files in Mac OS X
Mac OS X uses the application called BOMArchiveHelper which is the builtin archive unpacker application. If you don't like Stuffit and want an improved unarchiver in OS X..

Try this application then called "The unarchiver" which handles more file archive types such as: Zip, Tar-GZip, Tar-BZip2, Rar, 7-zip, LhA, StuffIt and many more..

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Using the warp tool

Here is a small tip about the warp tool inside free transform of Adobe Photoshop. With help of the Photoshop you can easily transform images to fit almost everything. In this article I'm going to be using the warp tool to make photos look just perfect inside a open book shape.

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Group your layers to get organized

grouping layersWhen I work in Photoshop I quickly end up having dozens of layers. It's good to keep every possible thing on it's on layer, but at the same time it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate them. Thankfully Photoshop allows us to group our layers into layer folders.


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