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Logo Originality

Hi all,

First of all pardon my english, I hope you guys can understand.
I'm currently working on a logo, but I have no idea how to check its originality since it's very simple but my client like it. My client is a business solution company that already has a logo
then they come up to expand it to safety solutions company.. so I made it similar to it's main logo, to keep it inline.

I need critique and suggestion from all of you, and if you guys has seen this logo somewhere before please tell me, I don't want to have copyright issue in the future.

Thank you

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Hi all, please right click to logo image because it's trimmed.. thank you :)

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Seems pretty mundane. Not much info on what the company does, so not sure how well it applies. Reminds me of United Airlines.

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I agree with Art D. Rector. It's too much like United Airlines. Apart from that, it bothers me that the text is perfectly upright while the mark slants. Also, if you want to have Unite be bolder, you need to make it much bolder than it is, or make "safety solutions" much thinner.


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Looks like a mix between the old Air France logo and the old United logo

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its almost exactly cemex.

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