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Application switcher hidden features

Most users know the basic function of Apple-Tab (Cmd-Tab) as to switch between applications. However there are some features of this basic application that might not be as obvious.

Here is the list of special features that can be activated by pressing the following keys while holding the Apple (Cmd):

  • Tab: Selects next on the right. (Holding or hitting it again will repeat).
  • '(back tick key) or Tab-Shift: Selects to left.
  • Arrows: Move left and right to select.
  • Scroll wheel: Move left and right to select.
  • H: Hide selected app.
  • Q: Quit selected app.
  • Esc: Discard application switcher.
  • Space or Return: Apply selection. (Same as release).

Running applications are the first in the list from left to right (Grab in the example). The next in the list is always the application that was active before the current one became active (Finder in the example). This way if you frequently switch between two applications you don't need to select from the list, just hit Apple-Tab each time you want to switch back and forth and the display with the list of icons won't even appear.

It would be great to have key combination to select in application switcher so that it would hide every other application.

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you can also use the mouse focus to choose the application and click to select the application while holding down the cmd key after cmd-tab sequence. I can confirm this behavior on 10.3.5 system.

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Correct. Thanks!

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A tip if you use some keyboard layout besides QWERTY (I use Dvorak): you have to use the QWERTY key positions for the Q and H keystrokes. I was ready to swear this didn't work at all until I tried that. Apparently the switcher is looking for particular numeric key codes rather than the letters you get after running it through the keyboard layout table.

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Even though OS X now offers tab app switch, I still swear by Liteswith X. One of the best features - hit the A key after selecting to hide all other apps.

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If you hit option-cmd-h then it will hide all other Apps except the active one.

I think this is standard behaviour, although it may be a function of Launchbar.

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