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Muslim-investor new logo

This logo is for a web site that discusses islamic investment. I wanted to make the logo look like a mosque with two arches and a minaret, but not to make it too obvious, so it doesn't look cheezy. Also, I will use those fine interweaning lines that are used on money and financial documents to protect against copying as part of the identity. The colors reflect the natural desert environment of the Middle East.

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I like the wavy lines! Good concept.

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Love it...bangin' job as usual!

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Superb work as always mate, its all about the details!

congrats on another great piece of work!


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Great looking, clean and very professional. I wish I had your talents.

Ivan's picture

You're making me blush. ;)

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just one question ivan: are you planning on having the wavy lines present everywhere the logo is? if so, how are you going to handle the boundaries? i mean, if you have just the logo presented somewhere, then where are you going to make the lines stop?

other than that question, great work, very clean!

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Not necessarily. This logo is mainly or solely used for a web site. So I'm planning to use the lines in the design of the site, but not too close to the logo.

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gotcha... i knew you had something specific in mind for it, just wanted to hear it from you!

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I liked it a lot, good work Ivan..

The only thing I might think about more is the wavy lines, I might think of introducing some artistic Arabic calligraphy or patterns in its place (also wavy and gradually fades)..

Very good work and strong logo, nonetheless..

Ivan's picture

That's exactly what client requested. Tx!

Balazs's picture
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That's a good one, congrats :)
Maybe the url underneath the logo is small sometimes. If you are using it only on the site itself, I would loose it.

Ivan's picture

True. I'll discuss it with the client.

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Ooo. I like I like. :c) Is that a font or did you make the M? Also, if you don't mind telling, how'd you make the lines?

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Ah! Thanks Ivan! :c)

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Great piece of work! I like it. Only thing I'm not too sure of is the 'I'. Normally, the minerat is slightly taller. But, I think it still works, I saw the mosque figure right away.

I also want to know how you made those lines. :)

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This is a very handsome logo. I do see the mosque, and this is from someone who isn't muslim (although I do my best to read up on cultures and faiths) it is recognizable but only in form. Excellent job beautiful colors too. Congrats

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Very clever logo, nice work. The only thing that bothers me is the url underneath. I would like to see it in a sans serif font rather than a serif. Just my preference I guess.

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Liking the mosque imagery and the moon. The moon almost feels like the shaded edge of the i's dot. It'd be interesting to see that reflected in the rest of the text. But this is now -what- 2 weeks old?

Nevermind. Good work, nice colors.

Ivan's picture

No. Just four days. :) Thanks for the critiques guys and gals!

javdotnew's picture
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all around nice logo, the crescent moon makes me think of the proverbial "lightbulb" of inspiration, nice.

Although, at first look i cant help but look at "Mi" as a word that means something in some language.

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Just got back from holidays. Figure I mid as well add to this. Excellent work Ivan, it looks great. The lines are a nice touch.

pokie's picture
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I thought I already replied to this!!!

Anyways, I think it's great.

Tigerstorm's picture
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I admire this logo really.. Which I had something along like this for my own logo "Tigerstorm"

It's so simple, but practically says it all.. And it works on several colors, and this logo will look good on web, print and on clothes!

fahadyousuf's picture
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Good Concept :)

That's a good one, congrats :)

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I love the design, it is simple and clearly makes the point.


tomkrise's picture
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Please let me know if you could design a new logo for me. It's for a Muslim Cultural Society.


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