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Master all the combos

Ever wonder if it's worth learning all the shortcuts that each application offers? Apparently it is.

I did a test to see how much time one gains using key combos, rather than navigating and pointing to menus with the cursor. I timed three versions of a certain set of operation that required moving between applications, opening and saving files and menu operations such as copying, pasting, filters, duplication, etc.

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Nutri-Washing the BigMac

I think McDonald's is an amazing company. They should get the one million dollars for surviving everything that the self conscious new age society has thrown at it for the last 10 years.

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Replace your dock poof

Explosion poofIf you're sick of the cartoon like animation when you drag out an item from your dock you can replace it. Choose and download any animation that fits your taste.

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Car advertising gets edgy

Audi A3 viral videoTraditionally car manufacturers were the most boring clients. Most of the ads were conservative. Cars nicely dispayed with some blurb beside - ad is done. But, nowadays there are so many great cars, that that companies turn to marketing as the last resort to stand out from the crowd.

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Gmail ideal for designers

Designers working with hi-res images need bigger storage space and bigger bandwidth than the average Mac user. We need a bigger email account as well. gMail gives you 1GB storage space and it can send attachments up to 10MB, so you'll have plenty of room to send and receive zipped artwork. Hopefully the 10MB attachment size limit will go even higher in the future.

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Adobe threatens pirates

To continue on yesterdays theme of Arab designs and an earlier post about Adobe fighting software piracy, let me show you a DM that Adobe sent out recently. When you remove the red wrapper, you find a brown paper bag with holes for the eyes. On the side of the bag it reads: "Something to hide your face in if you get caught with pirated software."

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Design culture shock

The Saudi Arabian Airlines logo freaks me out. I realize that the swords are part of the national iconography, but I can't help but think of plane hijacking. I mean what were they thinking? It's an international brand! Surely they should've thought about the fact that any aggressive or disturbing imagery might hurt their brand.

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Creating favicons

The favicon is a the small icon that appears next to the URL of the websites in your browser. They also appear in the bookmarks. Also, many people disable them to speed up their browser.

You need to put this icon into the root of your site to make it appear accross all of your pages. For more details you may want to read this.

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Anatomy of colors

The red light focuses slightly behind the retina, this is why a red surface will feel like it's coming towards us when we look at it. The yellow is focused right on the retina, that's why we perceive it as the lightest color. Even lighter than white. The blue however is focused slightly before the retina, therefore a big blue billboard feels like it's moving away from the viewer. Greens are close to blue and oranges are close to red.

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Preview your icons

If you are designing an icon in Illustrator, select the Window/New Window menu to open a new view for the same document. Now select the View/Pixel Preview or press Apple-Alt-Y (Command-Option-Y) to change one window to pixel preview mode. Place the two windows side by side and enjoy seeing your logo in pixel preview while working on it in vectors. This way you can make sure you're using the right line width and see how your curves translate to pixels.


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