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Color code your messages

If you want to color code your messages in the Mail app just press Apple-Shift-C to bring up the color palette. Select any color and you're done.

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Basic color management

Color management can be a very complex thing to understand and to implement. However, you don't necessarily need to dig deep into the subject to take advantage of this sophisticated technology right away.

First of all, do you need color management? If you're using a relatively small number of devices and they all work fine and you don't experience problems reproducing colors than the answer is no. However, if sometimes your scans on the monitor or prints on the paper don't match and you want total control over your colors in your system than read further.

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After much consideration of your kind opinions about the layout of this web site, I decided to change very little for now. It's a known fact that PC monitors are a bit darker than Mac monitors, and some Windows users complained that the contrast of the type is too small on the dark gray background, however at least as many readers complimented on it, because it's easier on the eyes. I added the checkered stripes that compliment the theme of bits (pixels) and reminds me of Formula 1 decoration to emphasize that CreativeBits is all about speed and efficiency.

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Geek browser

Since OS X is built on BSD you can run Unix programs on it. For example you can run the text based web browser Links. You can run Links in text only mode, so that browsing becomes extremely fast even on very slow connections. Use links to impress your girlfriend or to browse CreativeBits on the road with your bluetooth mobile connection. Download the 0.95 version for text only browsing.

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Immediate trash

When you click the Trash button on the layers palette PS will ask for a confirmation. If you want to skip the confirmation window, just press Option (Alt) when clicking the Trash to delete the selected layer instantly.

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Selecting color schemes

I don't need to emphasize how important is to select the right color scheme for your designs. There are dozens of theories how to create a palette of colors that match, but there is no ultimate best method. You can create a great effect using chaotic color schemes, like the web site of Francois Chalet or you can follow the natural harmony like the works of sensed.

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If you ever need to take a screenshot in OS X, use the following commands:

To save a .pdf on your desktop:
Apple-Shift-3: Full screen shot;
Apple-Shift-4: Select the area you want to capture;
Apple-Shift-4 than Space: Select the window on the screen for capture and click on it.

This .pdf file can be directly dragged into PS or ImageWell. That's how I capture and post the images here.

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What inspires you?

I get inspiration from number of things, but I can easily identify one area that clearly gives me a lot of inspiration. Nature. But not the romantic kind with sunsets and beaches. I'm very much inspired by the scientific approach to nature. How it works, the variety of forms and textures it presents.

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Enlarging images part three

A reader pointed out that after enlarging the image, sharpening done directly on the RGB image is not the best one can do.

Here is what he says:
"I would think that performing the sharpening on the L channel (Lightness) on an image in LAB mode would provide superior results. This will sharpen without color artifacts. This is the same idea as using the K channel in CYMK, but will be much smoother - LAB has a much larger gamut. Convert back to RGB or direct to CYMK when you're done."

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Show selected type color

Has it ever happened to you that you couldn't see the real color of the type while selected because the selection inverted the colors? Just press Apple-H to reveal the real colors. Pressing it again will bring back the selection.


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