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Move/Duplicate/Delete pages

This is not a trick, but a function, which is overlooked by some Freehand users. It's common to use the Window/Inspector/Documents palette for such operations, but there is a much better way to do it.

Select the page tool (the third arrow) in the toolbar (or just press D) and select a page. With this tool you can move around the pages by clicking and dragging them. If you press Alt you will make a copy of the page. Press Backspace and it will delete the page. It basically treats pages like regular objects.

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Minimize your sidebar

In Panther Apple introduced the Finder sidebar, which takes up a lot of screen space, which is especially annoying on the iBooks.

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The color of the area surrounding the canvas

Use this trick if you ever need to change the grey area surrounding your canvas to any other color for presentations or to simulate the environment your artwork will be placed at (like the color of the wall, web page background, etc.).

Press F to change to Full screen with menu bar. Select a color, select the Paint bucket tool and Shift+Click on the grey area.

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Did you know that any file or folder name starting with a dot will be invisible by default? It's an easy way to quickly hide a file from a less experienced user. However you can change these settings to make them indeed visible with InVisibles.

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Jelly button

There are many ways to create Aqua like buttons. The tutorial below is a simple example that you can build on to create your own translucent objects.

Our sample document is 400x250 pixels. Start by choosing a bright color and create the oval shape on a new layer.

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I'd like to show you a little jewel. It's a free application from Xtralean software called Imagewell. It has a small window where you can drop or paste your images. Than you can resize, crop, title, etc. Most importantly you can upload them to your server with a click of a button, or just leave them under a different name on your disk.

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Fill shortcuts

Press Alt+Backspace to fill your selection or active layer with the foreground color and Apple+Backspace to use the background color. To bring up the Fill dialog box to select other options, press Shift+Backspace.

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Rock your stars

When you draw with the Star tool there are several keys that modify your star on the fly. They are extremely useful to get the exact shape you want for your illustration.

By pressing the Apple key while dragging the star you can change the length of the arms. Press the Space to reposition the star while drawing.

The Up and Down arrow keys will change the number of arms your star has.

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Bring your logos to life has an extremely easy to use system to create your own merchandise. Your on line store can be set up in minutes and you can start ordering stuff for yourself or you can send the link to your friends to buy the stuff you designed.

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If you ever have to make a copy of a selection on a layer or the layer itself just press Apple-J. It has the same effect as Apple-C, Apple-V.


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