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Mildly funny and mostly silly iPad 2 spoof videos

What's your take?

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The truth hurts you people!

I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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Ummm... yeah. The problem with the PC guys and their fake Apple promos is they always take it too far. They let their hatred and jealousy of Apple take center stage when really a softer touch works so much better when it comes to humor. Here's Conan's take on it - subtle with a nice little shot at the end...’t-help-gloat-about-new-ipad

You know, if I were a psychiatrist - what might I say about these PC folks and their obsession with Apple? It's always been entertaining to me because they just can't stop looking at Apple - it's the number one thing on their mind. Does anyone know ANY Mac user who could care a whit wtf is happening over at Microsoft or any of the PC computer manufacturers? We don't care... because we're happy. Our products SATISFY us. That is so obviously NOT true for the PC folks - for 25 years they've been looking over their shoulder to see what's up at Apple. That - in a nutshell - is the entire Mac vs. PC argument. One side is happy and content... the other side is not. Guys - wise up already. Buy a Mac... you know you want to. ;-)

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Love it, beautiful. haha.

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Can't forget Colbert's iPad love...

Seriously, though - pressure sensitivity, please? iPad drawing tablet... think about it...

From success to failure is one step. From failure to success is a long road.

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Nice article as well as whole site.Thanks for sharing!

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The actual videos are not the most elegant, subtle parodies I've seen. They do however convey a very good point: That the iPad is in fact a completely useless device.

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