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Sexy sweet packaging

A Catholic college complained about Haribo's new Maoam packaging, because apparently the fruits are shown in offending sexual positions.

"We are shocked at the shameless presentation of sexual practices on the wrapping, which includes not only sexual intercourse but also fellatio and cunnilingus," wrote the St Blasien Jesuit College near Bonn.

It's funny how the Catholic church managed to degrade the concept of sex to a disgusting act, that has to be performed in dark under the blanket.

Before the Vatican took over, according to Dan Brown's book that I was reading lately, sex used to be an important part of everyday life that was celebrated. Apparently in several religions, sex was performed as part of prayers and orgasm was considered as a glimpse of enlightment to humans. In several eastern religions, sex still plays a very important role. Just look at the tantric temples of India for example. In budhism some of the exercises that help you reach a higher level of consciousness include sex. We need to open up and forget the century long propaganda of sex as a shameful act. This packaging is a humorous way to go forward. We need to introduce more erotic imagery into our visual culture.

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The Erotic History of Advertising is a book worth checking out.

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I agree completely: bring out the nipples!


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The letter was only meant as a joke.

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Can't read German :( but I can guess that Haribo was really upset! Or were they? It's free publicity :)

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