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Opinion about this logo

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to know your opinion about this logo, and if it reminds you of something.

With kind regards,
Snowy Leopard

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Any information you wanted to share about it? :s

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It's a basic icon for a website for real life achievements, the title of the website is Life-Achieved.

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I'm reading VA

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backwards N to me.

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me too

should be "LA" ?


yes I'm brazilian xD

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Yeah, it should be LA (I'm also part of the team behind this project). We tried various variations of this logo, but we found it challenging to make it clear that it's not a N or the letters VA. Any suggestions on how to improve this?

The reason we chose for the current shape is mainly the font we started out with, and the fact that the A of that font stood out. We decided to try and use that to make a logo that's easy to recognize. Sadly it ended up being hard to read...

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yeah. dont take the easy way out using letterforms - everybody (myself included) seems to build logos on initials these days. i say work up some icon ideas that arent based on the initial letters of your name.

and if you must stay with initials as your mark. try something softer. this is WAY too aggressive for "life achieved"

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