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Perceptive Pixel Delivers Simultaneous Pen and Stylus Input

Sure, the new functionality in Creative Suite 6 is great but here's something that could really transform your workflow — a natural on-screen drawing or writing experience, without the need to toggle between input modes. Just introduced, the Perceptive Pixel active stylus is sold as an accessory to the firm's 27- and 82-inch displays.

The active stylus functions much like a regular pen, allowing users to sketch, annotate, design, draw and brainstorm directly on Perceptive Pixel's multi-touch, projected capacitive (pro-cap) displays. As shown in the video, this means that you can use one hand to write or draw and use the other to reposition onscreen objects. The sharp point of the stylus provides sub-pixel precision and registers pressure to capture the nuances of strokes while writing or drawing.

The display is said to able to detect an unlimited number of fingers and up to four simultaneous stylus inputs, with patented controller technology differentiating styluses from fingers, to eliminate false touches. It also recognizes and ignores palm or forearm touch input, so you can rest your hand comfortably on the screen as you write or draw.

Pretty cool but what about this: up to four people can work simultaneously with a stylus on the displays, with each stylus having its own distinct input stream, which can be tracked and used by applications. Even wilder, the display sensor recognizes styluses as they hover up to half an inch above the screen, enabling software to report additional information such as latitude/longitude, distance, time/depth, x/y/z coordinates and more, prior to engaging the screen.

It's all extremely nifty but the snafus is that few applications can as yet take advantage of the capabilities of such an advanced stylus and display combination. Creative Suite 7, perhaps?

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where do i sign up?!

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iPad Pro

yes I'm brazilian xD

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but it is not a huge innovation in terms of hardware, Cintiq performs well.

the touch graphic user interface brings more freedom, speed and features but the solution is already available.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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My New iPad arrived last week and I bought Wacom Bamboo Stylus. I'll not use for sketch because I can't view where I'm pointing and the ball is floppy enough. I'm thinking to make my own with the actual Wacom Intuos tablet stylus and I'll buy a new one to replace =]

yes I'm brazilian xD

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