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Five minute Warhol painting

If you want create a quick Andy Warhol style pop art painting out of your favorite photo follow these 8 quick steps.

1. Crop your image to square.

2. Apply an Auto Contrast.

3. Increase the saturation.

4. Apply the Cutout Artistic filter with the following settings:
Number of levels: 4
Edge Simplicity: 2
Edge Fidelity: 2

5. Apply the Image Posterize filter with 4 levels.

6. Double click the background layer to make it into a free layer. Duplicate the layer four times.

7. Increase the canvas size by 200 percent and arrange each layer into a corner.

8. Apply the Hue/Saturation filter on the following layers with the following Hue values:
Top left - Unchanged
Top right - Hue 90
Bottom right - Hue 180
Bottom left - Hue -90

And, you're done.

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