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Photoshop Clipping Path

Clipping Path now brings a new era at graphic industry. The graphic studio require huge number images for different purpose. And for placing these images for different purpose clipping path is needed.

In one word clipping path is the process of removing background from any image. Photoshop pen tool is usually used for path selection and after that clipping path is applied.

Background knockout can be done using different process but in case of complex images like hair,fur and leaves those process doesn't work well.

There are lot of photoshop clipping path tutorial available at internet and the process are not so difficult to learn.

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F@%k, if you just use a Photoshop clipping path and drop that sh!t into InDesign or any other software, you are going to end up with a lot of very sharp un-natural looking stuff on you page and shouldn't be allowed near a computer until you have learned the finer arts of removing items from backgrounds.

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Background knockout can be done using different process but in case of complex images like hair,fur and leaves those process doesn't work well.

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Oh Clipping Paths!!!
Hi There, I think the clipping path is one sort of image cut out or cropping techniques that is used in Photoshop editing software .Usually pen tool is used to properly remove any object but i prefer you use "Adobe Illustrator" to accurately create clipping paths so that your eps files can be easily transferable to other image editing tool like Adobe® InDesign® CS5 or Photoshop(R) CS4.Another significant advantage of Illustrator "vector path" or paths is it can make your paths edges very hard so you can easily see your clipping path line very clear additionally you can create alpha channel as well to further enrich your work paths. You can have any kind of image solutions by using this process such as image resizing, retouching, and editing into different shape more.

Quality Clipping Path Service:
If you need quality clipping path service then one company i know called DataPeople Graphics working 24/7 fashion.They provide you top caliber clipping path as well as masks if you need for your favorite file.Once you upload your file and photoshop clipping paths will be done in a quick time.

Thanks for your post....I very much enjoy your clipping paths post.....

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You know what clipping path is not only the term that remove background from any image. There are different types of clipping paths are available now including Basic Clipping Paths, Simple Clipping Paths, Compound Clipping Paths, Complex Clipping Path, Multi Clipping Path, Clipping Paths with Shadow and many more.

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Every professional photo retoucher will tell you clipping paths are one of THE best features in photoshop, marquee, wand and other automated clipping tools still cannot compete with paths that are crafted by hand.

They are also vector based and therefor resolution independent so you can scale up your image and still have a nice sharp edge. If you need a softer anti-aliased edge then make a selection from path and create a layer mask, blur the mask a little and you have an anti-aliased alpha channel.

Would I outsource them, hmm, no i like to maintain quality control in house, doing cutouts is like mowing the lawn its a little monotonous but somehow therapeutic when you stand back and look the finished result.

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I have been in the Photoshop industry for than a years, I have used adobe photoshop particularly CS3,There are lot of ways or methods in doing or retouching the picture, It depends on the mastery you are expert of.
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Really now a days clipping path service is more exploring day by day. From website design to photography everywhere clipping path is used. And i think photoshop clipping path is the basic technique for other photo editing service also.

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sumonmg, DataPeople, africanmangoextracts

NOT the forum to promote your speciality business of masking images.

Without my sense of direction, I don't know where I'd be.

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I am agree photoshop is launching new tool bars in a short time future. It will gone cover huge market in graphic industry. In different field it will used for different purposes and different market strategy will be applied to it.

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