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MOO Goes Luxe

Amongst the many truly terrible providers of online printing services, MOO is something of an exception. Founded in 2004, it now cranks out millions of business cards, postcards and minicards each month, all while retaining a special place within the design community. I've used it myself on several occasions and always found both the print quality and customer service impeccable. Which makes its latest initiative, The Luxe Project, that much more intriguing.

Collections in The Luxe Project are created by different designers, the latest of which is Katie Barcelona, who has generated work for such clients as Harley-Davidson, MillerCoors and Saks Fifth Avenue. Her collection includes five retro script designs, apparently inspired by a box of vintage cigarette papers found in a flea market in Barcelona, and printed on MOO's super-premium Luxe Business Cards. These cards are noteworthy for combining Mohawk Superfine paper with MOO's own Quadplex technology, which provides triple the thickness and weight of most cards, and includes a seam of color within the layers of paper, as well as a pronounced tactile quality.

Of course, you don't need to use one of the designs from the Luxe Project to take advantage of the possibilities of these cards. The best way to start may be by requesting a free sample pack.

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I just ordered 3 designs. Thanks for the heads-up. Will report back how they look like.

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As somebody who has ordered from Moo before, I can confirm that the prints are high-quality and done well. Moo is definitely not the most affordable place to order from, but when you want a short run of something and you want a lot of customized options, Moo is a great resource!

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