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Where the vector logos live

Client comes in,
wants business card,
doesn't have the company's logo,
points you to company website,
icky low res garbage on website,
you notice company has downloadable brochure in pdf format,
you download said brochure,
notice that the company logo is present in brochure,
hey that logo looks pretty damn good,
open pdf in Illustrator,
wipe tears of joy from eyes when you see company logo sitting there in all its vector splendor,
dump vector logo into business card layout,
present to client,
receive accolades, promotion, keys to the washroom...

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How'd you know!!! I do this all of the time. And here I thought I was the only one in the world that went the "extra mile" to make the impossible - possible. got keys??? No fair! :-)

Ivan's picture is another option in some cases.

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LOL indeed... Hehe..
Nice website Ivan, I found the logo of one of my clients there..

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PDFs are always great for that reason. And BrandsoftheWorld is a great site. I have quite a few company logos saved on my computer for reference.

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Exactly, I've done this couple of times. And it saved so many tears...

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The worst one is when you download the pdf and all they did was paste a jpg in it... GRRR I hate when that happens :)

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I was facing a situation today where I couldn't locate the logo even on brandsoftheworld. And, I remembered your tip and I DID find the logo. You just saved me an hour of retracing! Thanks!

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