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Windows 8 tablet OS

Microsoft introduced their Windows 8 tablet OS which shows great promise. The GUI itself looks very much like Windows Phone 7, but it has certain new functions and a desktop like app that reminds me of the desktop Windows. The multitasking abilities are really spectacular, much nicer than what we currently have on the iPad, although it's not a killer feature just yet. This new OS from Microsoft is not going to be available to buy for at least a year and the device they demoed isn't the actual hardware it will be running on. So there are a lot of questions, but it's great to see that the tablet revolution that Apple started continues and other companies are able to innovate in this field as well.

Watch the video below and read what the LA Times and John Gruber has to say about it.

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I've got to admit the Metro UI is pretty cool. I think it looks great on WP7, but the thing is this is windows. This new interface is just yet another "curtain" atop the usual messy windows architecture. It still has the registry, it still has the viruses, dlls and it's still suffers fragmentation. So no. Keeping my mac.

On the strategy, it seems pretty interesting and would like to see how it will work. Using the same OS for tablets and pcs? I think that might mean 5 hours of battery life for one and a complicated new experience for the other. PCs have no gestures, so yeah, youll have to Pg Up and Pg Down to move around your start screen.

I think folks at Microsoft are finally feeling the pressure to innovate, but there's more to it than just changing the UI. I think ill be more amazed when I see a Windows PC run with no need of an antivirus.

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Well if you want to continue nagging about Microsoft and viruses, fine, but that's not what this video is about. Can't you just be happy they innovate? Or you expect them to solve all their problems at the same time?

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Agreed, it boggles me as to why they haven't completely revamped all back-end processes and ditched DOS by now in the interest of the future. I can understand some compatibility issues but I think this would be considered for the greater good.

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You can't expect that to ever happen. Windows is Windows and it will always be. It's not unix. They can't get reed of viruses, registry, dlls, fragmentation...
But that doesn't mean that you are free and safe from viruses and other kind of attacks, if you are using Mac or Linux. Not at all. If somebody has a good reason he will do anything he wants. Why do you think Mac or Linux or BSD are safe?

Linux for open minds

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Apple migrated to a completely new OS with 10.0. Its not impossible, but I agree it might never happen to windows.

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Completely new OS? What do you mean by that? OS X will always be Unix in the background. Same as Windows will always be DOS in the background :) Because that's what they are. If you want to be safe, take Sparc processor and go for Solaris or HP-UX or some other system like those, but don't expect to have Adobe CS running on them :)) Even with these systems you are not 100% safe because, as I said, somebody only need a good enough reason and you will be hacked or something.
I even believe, if you have a good firewall and antivirus, you can be pretty much safe and protected while running windows. But viruses and direct attacks are not the only one garbage you can find on Windows. There are some malwares, parasites, trojans and I don't know what not :D Windows is kind of trash can full of garbage and dirtiness.

Linux for open minds

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hahaha I actually agree with you, but just to clarify OSX was a completely new OS, built from NeXTSTEP. When Apple bought NeXT, they got this great OS, which was nothing like what is now known as MacOS "Classic". OS9 didn't have anything to do with UNIX, Cocoa, CoreGraphics, Objective-C, or anything that OSX is now based on: everything from the kernel to the UI was new.

I like your last metaphor in that sense, Windows is carrying a lot of obsolete technologies which just make up garbage and dirtiness. I mean, have a look inside system32 (and system, and actually the whole "WINDOWS" folder) and you might notice the unbearable amount of "crap" thats in there.

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To me, I've been using Acer A500 Android 3.1 32GB Tab... and it is already iPad2 killer to me... and actually when I played Adobe Flash presentation from USB flash memory using USB on my pad and playing it over Micro HDMI cable on LCD... the iPad owners were amazed to see the option that they could only dream off (and these all and more options are given at far less price then Apple)... SO iPad killer is already here since long... you just dont have to be brand conscious..

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The features you listed are impressive indeed, but as I said on Facebook Acer doesn't have many features that the iPad 2 has: G3 mobile internet, Assisted GPS, gyroscope, compass, USB charging. It's heavier, thicker and arguably uglier than the iPad. Most importantly it can't run iOS apps which are far more polished and numerous than the Android apps.

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Metro looks fantastic - beautiful, well thought out bit of design. It's nice to see something that could be a genuine competitor for iOS on its own terms rather than trying to beat Apple on its own terms.

I can understand why Microsoft have added the traditional desktop in, though it looks a little awkward when switched to from Metro and doesn't look very touch friendly. That said, I suspect that Apple and Microsoft have the same end goal of making the traditional desktop go away. Microsoft is doing this by getting people used to Metro, Apple by getting people used to full-screen apps.

It's going to be great to watch how this one develops.

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I just don't understand why they are baking in Metro and Windows.

Actually I do understand they are desperate and hoping that baking it into Windows which will sell by default will make Metro relevant.

Still I disagree with that idea. So much about this is going to be a cluster f&ck (excuse the lack of a better word). Windows 8 will run on ARM and on Intel chips. However traditional Windows applications will not work on ARM devices. So what is the point of baking it in? Why are they creating a situation where one users will have a Windows 8 device that can run Photoshop and another will be able to buy (likely without knowing) a device that can't run Photoshop? What's the motivation for developers to port apps. Photoshop runs on Windows 8 under some conditions why do we need to port a new version of it?

Seems very messy to me, it's a shame because Metro is pretty interesting. They should have the courage to put it out there on it's own.

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OK's doesn't matter if you are Mac or PC user as long as these 2 giants keep on improving, it will benefit us at last. What we want them to do is to cut software and hardware price down. These both giants is sucking people money so fiercely. Apple for example gain so much money with cheap Chinese labour then sell in USD meanwhile Microsoft with their unreasonable version of Windows with different price. What is this? In other hand, Linux user whoever they are is proud with "freeware stuff" that doesn't work nicely in formal business situation. What the hack? Technology keep on changing and getting better everyday, but it suck your money, savings and tear down family relationship (20 hr online for FB, Chatting, Gaming). Technology should serve us but now it reverse. Think about it.

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