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Something for the old gang

Yo people - what's up? Thought some of you folks might appreciate this Kickstarter project - the G-stick. It's basically a regular mouse crammed into a pen that's about as thick as a fat sharpie with a roller ball on the end. Looks like it would be a great thing for any graphic artist (hey - they got my money). Anyway, they tried to get it "kickstarted" and it fell thru the first time around. I had pledged $38 for one of these things - they're supposed to retail for $70 in the store. Anyway, the first deal fell thru - they missed their target by a few thousand, so they cancelled everything and started over. That means all the low end sponsor offers are open again. I re-upped for $25 this time (sweet - 33% savings!)

Anyway - if you hate your mouse and want something more like a pen - it looks cool to me (they have videos on youtube you can check). The advantage it has over tablets is you're not tied to the mirror-image trackpad deal. It works like a mouse - you can lift and roll and scoot around to "cheat" your movements just like a mouse (which you can't do on tablets - that's why I never use mine), and it gives you the natural pen feel. Don't know why nobody made one before.

Anywho - if you're interested...

PS: No it's not me - I'm in Florida. :-)

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This looks really interesting. I would love to try it.

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They hit their target this time so it's a real deal now. I couldn't pass it up for $38 - for $25 it's a no-brainer imho. I paid $100 for my wacom tablet that just collects dust. Last time I looked there were still about 400 slots open on the $25 deal if you want to try it. Here's a youtube vid. They're amateur videographers, so it's kind of a clunky demo - but you get the idea.

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looks good to me. im in!
its like a wacom without pressure sensitivity. but for 1/4$ thats a fair trade

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I think the big difference is that here you have to roll the little ball to reach a certain part of the screen. With a wacom you can place the cursor where you want immediately. That's why for me the wacom is the fastest and best.

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For that price point, it's worth a shot.

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