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Apple Remote puts your Mac to sleep

Isn't it annoying that you have to get out of bed to put your Mac to sleep after watching a long movie?

Well, if you have the remote at hand you can simply press and hold the play button to put your Mac to sleep.

Unfortunately you can't wake your Mac the same way.

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I watch my movies usually on the couch, but still - good to know.

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if you press the play button on the remote it wakes my mac mini up perfectly. Will try it on mbp later

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You know, I almost forgot about that little remote. LOL. Thanks for mentioning it, though. :)

Btw, mine works just as perfectly for waking up my iMac as does it for cwiss.

We Brits do things differently, but we still get shot at!

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I assume that wake is not available for laptops only. Thanks for the heads-up guys.

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My iMac wakes with the touch of the play button. I did not know about the sleep function though. That's cool. I usually am sitting in my office when I watch movies on my mac though, so, I never really need the remote.

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It's working with me, I pressed any button on the remote it wakes my laptop (MBP).

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