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Updated: HBYC

Again another slight update to the previous logo posted here. The tweaks involve tidying up the 'T' and hopefully improving the kerning aspect. Some tweaks have also been made on the paint splats - I know some people didn't agree with them all together but this was based on a logo entry in the competition so this cannot be modified. Further comments welcome! Looking at this now, the 'k' still looks slightly out...

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The kerning is a bit better but pairs between (left to right-top to bottom) HA, KW, LL, BA, TI, ST, YO, UTH, LU are off in some shape or form. I really don't think that cross is suiting the application here. Make it larger possibly so it occupies more space and looks like it belongs as a part of the font. Making it black may help take away the even more prominent mathematical equation from it.

Still would like to see a complete overhaul of typography and that splatter background removed. Its reaching too far back to the 80s and feels like a youth club logo trying to be cool rather than being cool. What are some fun activities they do? Any key principles they teach there in studies either religious or non religious?

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" Its reaching too far back to the 80s and feels like a youth club logo trying to be cool rather than being cool."

You hit the nail on the head with that one; reminds me of 80's fast food kids clubs.

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@YoungZM - as with my other post, I've done the best I can do with the kerning, but I will try to tweak! I've also fiddled around with the cross, don't know how much I can improve on that but will post a few modifications here soon.

With the overhaul, the activities change week on week, but usually it is general games like football, basketball and hockey, along with table tennis and pool tables. There is little/no religious input, the only messages are the usual "be safe online" and anti-drug/alcohol abuse messages.

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