“Change da world…my final message” comes as an image macro from a random series featuring bizarre characters later captioned with different catchphrases. The origin of this image is still being researched, but the rat in this image first appeared online in 2018.

Once this image hit Twitter, users made multiple videos and edited images, leading to the creation of different iterations. In October of 2018, dawatercup, a Tumblr user, shared this image of the rat with the now popular catchphrase, receiving more than 27,000 notes in a year.

Increased Popularity:

On November 14th, 2018 the same image of this rat appeared on Imgur, and blew up again on Twitter in August of the following year. The clip posted on twitter used a robot voice to read the text over a song from the Silent Hill soundtrack.

This clip lead to other remakes of the image with different animals and characters voiced over by the same audio. A similar video was posted on YouTube by a user named Nitro.IF, and got 6,400 views.


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