This popular catchphrase “How can she slap?!” came from a reality television show incident. Bindass Dadagiri is an Indian reality TV show that has claims of being the meanest television show on Indian television. This show premiered on June 9th, 2008, following the story of four sweet students revisiting their college years, discussing being bullied, surviving three Dadas and competing against each other for 50,000 in cash. These four students were put to the test, ultimately competing in this contest as individuals would on Fear Factor.

This quote is from the first season of the show when one of the competitors named Esha told another contest to “go fuck off.” This contest responded with “You go,” angering Esha and resulting in a slap to his face. He instantly slapped her back, and immediately following the hit, gets beaten by the the shows crew from offstage. It is then when he yells the phrase “How can she slap?!”

Increased Popularity:

In may of 2008, TMZ hear about this incident and brought it to the public’s attention. The clip was then posted on YouTube but was taken down due to copyright restrictions. Following the tiny blow up of this clip, this phrase was used in a few remix videos reaching around 200,000 to 500,00 views, then shortly died out.



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