“Is this a Jojo reference?” is a popular rhetorical question used ironically in the online gaming community.  This anime series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is the longest-running series of comics and is often referenced in other animes and mangas. This image macro is used to respond to pictures that are from this popular series.

Increased Popularity:

The earliest known use of this popular Depression was on September 13, 2009, in an online thread. 4chan’s posted this image in response to an online statement “FUCK YEAH NAGARSUMI.”

Anonymous Sun 13 Sep 2009 20:58:59 No.25225727 Quoted By: >>25225861 >25225599 Is this a JoJo reference? text font product line

On the 22nd of April in 2015, Redditor submitted a post asking fans to name a good Jojo reference and received several humorous replies in regards to this popular anime series. Later that year, a thread with screenshots of this quote was used to reply to a picture captioned “not everything is a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure reference you fucking weeaboo.”


 expand dong lettering about not everything being a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure reference

A few days following this thread, a popular Jojos Meme Adventure page on Facebook posted this message with the image and quote, “Is this a Jojo reference?” This post received more than 430 reactions and over 50 comments.


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