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This popular and hilarious catchphrase “My body is ready” is mainly associated to convey an individuals excitement or anticipation towards a desirable object, person, or event. This image macro shows a man in a creepy yet seductive manor, similar to the usage of the phrase “draw me like one of your french girls” but as an image. This expression and meme can be used in any internet response to show the readiness of someone towards something else.

This phrase was originally used by Nintendo’s executive Reggie Fils-Aime while at a company conference in July of 2007. One of the guests there, who was a Japanese game designer by the name of Shigeru Miyamoto, used the same expression before stepping onto stage in a joking manner. This use of the phrase was met with some uneasy laughter from the audience and quickly forgotten about until June of 2010.

Increased Popularity:

On YouTube, this quote said by the Japanese game creator resurfaced in June of 2010. With an announcement from Nintendo regarding a Heroes of Newerth forum, fans and users started to express their excitement by using this meme. Later that same month, a Facebook page titled “My body is ready” was posted, successfully gaining 2,600 likes.

In July of the following year, this phrase was entered into Urban Dictionary by a user called Wasabimoto.


A phrase a virgin says when they’re ready to knock boots.
Alternatively, a phrase someone says when they really like something and they want it NOW.


This meme is mostly used in the gaming world and on game-related forums, to express anticipation for upcoming releases and posts. 



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