OK So Basically I'm Monky


This nonsensical catchphrase “Ok, So basically I’m monky” comes from the film Kong: Skull Island. This meme became known after the film was released, through a short video clip using this catchphrase posted on Youtube. Originally, this image spread as a parody for a demotivational poster with the character King Kong from the popular movie. It’s suspected that this image was posted in mid-August of 2018.

Increased Popularity:

After this meme was posted in August, more jokes revolving this line began to spread on subReddit. On August 25, 2018, an image macro of this meme was posted, gaining 296 points. A Youtuber also included this memes reference in his video and featured in a PewDiePie video on the 2nd of September, bringing much fame to the meme.

More versions of this meme began appearing late August, and has since then still been used on social media websites and online forums.




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