That Wasn't Very Cash Money of You


This catchphrase, “That wasn’t very cash money of you” is associated with a character called Sayaka Miki, from Puella Mago Madoka Magic. 

This popular phrase has been turned into an exploitable, using the phrase ‘cash money’ to define ‘cool.’ The line has remained the same, but the character sometimes changes into other characters, all wearing sunglasses.

Increased Popularity:

On January 26, 2014, a Tumblr user posted this image onto their page, totaling over 106,000 notes in as little as four years. This image is believed to be an edited version of the original image of Sayaka without glasses. The earliest known posting of this original meme was on March 13th, 2014 by user Allspark.

As this image began to spread, it started to be replaced with other characters. In August of 2015, the character Anna from Fire Emblem was edited with this quote and posted on twitter.

THAT WASN'T VERY CASH MONEY OF you, OTTO face line art white facial expression person black and white mammal text vertebrate emotion nose human behavior head cartoon male hand font smile red cartoon facial expression mammal human hair color fictional character vertebrate nose head male smile joint boy emotion mouth hairstyle human forehead cheek organ
At the end of 2015, this catchphrase was posted on Urban Dictionary.

that wasn't very cash money of you the phrase is used when someone just pulled a dick move. being cash money means being cool and chill, so not being cash money implies the person is being a huge ass, or just fucked up. yo, did you just throw my beer? that wasn't very cash money of you hey man that wasn't very cash money of you by nago giovanna December 18,2015 text blue font line product



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