“This aint it, Chief” is a well known phrase used to express disinterest over posted content, or to describe the posted content as lame. This phrase is also used in a friendly yet insulting way, similar to the expression, “Imma keep it real with u chief.”

This short phrase became popular around the summer of 2018, and later that year made its first appearance on Urban Dictionary.

TOP DEFINITION this ain't it chief Refers to something that an individual would deem widely accepted or cool to show off, but in reality it just makes them look like a fucking idiot/weird. Example 1: Person 1: Strawberries on Pizza are to die for. Person 2: This ain't it Chief. Example 2: Person 1: Who's excited for the new Teen Titans GO Movie?? Person 2: This ain't it Chief. by Smitty Werbenjägermanjenson July 27, 2018 text font line

Increased Popularity:

After its initial debut in the summer of 2018, popularity over this quote skyrocketed. This phrase is mostly used on the internet to mock something or someone, ultimately used as a troll over their statement or post. A good example of this occurred on July 23, 2018, when twitter user @desusnice used an image of this quote in response to a song by R. Kelly, generating over 2,400 retweets and over 9,700 likes.

Desus Nice @desusnice Following "nah this aint it chief" - what r. kelly's audio engineer should' ve said 11:25 AM-23 Jul 2018 text font product




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