“This isn’t even my final form” is a commonly used catchphrase associated with a villain character from a Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z.  During this long-awaited battle scene between the protagonists, Frieza flexes his strength by saying “You FOOL! This isn’t even my final form! Wait until you see my true power,” before morphing into his next body form.

It is still unclear exactly when this phrase began to become a popular catchphrase, but the earliest documentation online can be found in the comments of a Rule34 post. This post was submitted on January 1st, 2011, featuring an image of mixed media photoshopped on Disneys Toy Story character Woody. The famous line “This isn’t even my final form” is captioned.














Increased Popularity:

Throughout 2011 this phrase evolved as a caption for image macros showcasing oddly shaped characters. There are countless image macros using the same caption that has been continuously posted on social media platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr, and humor blogs.



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