I Am Ferdinand Von Aegir


The quote “I am Ferdinand Von Aegir” is a quote taken from the video game series Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This game series was released on July 26th, 2019, following a noble from the Adestrian Empire. The character that says this quote was Ferdinand Von Aegir, who is a self-obsessed nobleman who doesn’t see his own faults.

In this game, Ferdinand often repeats this phrase, in order to assert his noble status. This quote has since then been parodied by fans through multiple meme templates.

Increased Popularity:

Upon this game’s release, game players began to make fun of the main characters’ attitude, especially when he speaks in the third person and uses his own name for dialogue. On August 26th, 2019 a post was made on Reddit making fun of this line and gained over 400 points.

 I am Ferdinand von Aegir I am an individual that goes by the name Ferdinand von Aegir I am hereby identifying myself as a person that has been granted the name Ferdinand, and that I am associated the von Aegir family house. Salutations sir, I wish to inform you that I am establishing my alias, which goes by the name, Ferdinand, that has either been given to me at birth, or by other means, and that it is apparently connected to a noble house in the Adrestian Empire that is known as house Aegir, which accommodates the current prime minister which I am the son thereof. m fernand Face Text Cartoon Jaw Nose

Since this posting, this phrase has become a popular subject of parodies on Youtube. A notable occurrence of this happened in August of 2019 when Youtuber mirroredpixll posted a parody of the movie The Avengers while using this quote. This posted clip gained over 22,000 views on youtube.


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